November 15th, 2013


✖ John Patel ✖

facts about the doll
company: Luts (Cerberus Project)
sculpt: Delf Moon
date of arrival: November 13'th, 2013
face-up: by LoonyDoll Aesthetics (Luna Lovin)
mods & tattoos: tunnel by Darkling
skin tone: normal (yellowed)
eyes: green glass eyes (unknown company)
wig: black heat-resistant fiber by Nalisinko or light grey fiber by unknown
height of doll: 60cm

facts about John
nick: Johnny
date of birth: November 13'th
age: 19y
zodiac sign: Scorpio

occupation: university student
education: studies fashion design
lifetime dream: to become a flourish and well known fashion designer [✘ didn't came true yet]

family: father, mother
friends: best friend is Tomo, Sofian, Lilia, Shouhei
relationship: single
orientation: gay

favorite food:
favorite drink: