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❤ BJD F.A.Q. ❤ (under construction)

A lot of people ask me the same questions over and over
and because I am too lazy answering the same questions again and again,
I decided to make a BJD F.A.Q. :D
Some informations here are for beginners and some infos are personal (about my dolls etc).

I looked through other BJD FAQs and most of the questions are the same,
so don't wonder if there are some (or maybe a lot of) questions you've already read in other BJD FAQs. ^^

So here we go! :D

General questions

What are Ball-Jointed-Dolls?
A ball-jointed doll is any doll that is articulated with ball and socket joints. In contemporary usage when referring to modern dolls, and particularly when using the acronymsBJD or ABJD, it usually refers to modern Asian ball-jointed dolls. These are cast in polyurethane synthetic resin, a hard, dense plastic, and the parts strung together with a thick elastic. They are predominantly produced in Japan, South Korea and China.
(copy/paste from the BJD article on wiki ➠ click here for more information)

Where can I buy Ball-Jointed-Dolls?
Most companies and shops sell dolls, supplies, clothes, wigs etc online.
Please visit the following page if you want to see a list of different BJD companies and shops:
---> BJDcollectasy

How tall are these dolls?
There are a lot of different sizes:
1/2 - 90cm
Hound - 70-80cm
SD - 58-67cm
MSD - 41-45cm (or slightly taller)
tiny/YoSD - 9-30cm

What is a face up?
It's the 'make-up' of a doll's face.
You can paint the doll like you want (eyebrows, eyeshadow, lashes and so on).

Do these dolls come with clothes and face up or do I have to order them separate?
You can order the dolls with default company face up (some companies offer custom face up as well) and as full set.
A full set contains: face up, eyes, wig, clothes and shoes.
A basic set contains: face up (optional), random eyes
Body blushing is optional as well. (not offered by all companies)

Where can I buy cheap BJDs?
There are some cheaper BJD companies like Fantasydoll, Bobobie, Resinsoul, Magical Angel etc.
But you can also get second hand BJDs on ebay or on the second hand market on Den of Angel or other BJD boards.

Where can I get selfmade clothes, wigs etc which other doll owners make?
The best platform for selfmade items is etsy (or Den of Angels and other BJD boards).

Do you do any commissions? (face ups, clothes)
Yes I offer face up commissions (my shop: LoonyDoll Aesthetics on facebook)
I do NOT do clothing commissions at the moment. But you can buy my clothes in my etsy shop: ChaosHime Etsy Shop
(But keep your eyes open! Sometimes I offer a limited quantity of commission slots for my ChaosHime clothes on my facebook page Luna Lovin.)

Personal questions

When did you get your first doll and which was it? Do you still own him/her?
I ordered my first doll (a Dollzone Yue) directly from the company in December 2008.
Before he came home I purchased a Dollzone Fenyo on the second-hand market.
She arrived February 2009 and is basically my first BJD. Her name was Alice and I don't own her anymore.

How many dolls do you own at the moment and which sculpt are they?
I own 7 full dolls, two heads and one body atm.

Dean - Soom Dia boy
Kai/Sawyer - Ringdoll Sol
Tomo - Angel of Dream RuoFeng on Mirodoll 60cm boy body
Sofian - Little Rebel Seven on Spiritdoll Elegance boy body
Johnny - Luts Delf Moon on AoD boy body
Lilia - Musedoll Ciel
Joshua - Migidoll Ryu on B&G boy body
Rosario - Luts CP Delf Lishe boy (head only)
Mia - HappyDoll tiny body (waiting for the head)
Mads - Granado Andrew (head only)

Which dolls did you own in the past and why did you sell them?
I used to own a lot of different dolls in the past.
I sold some of them because my taste has changed and some of them had to go
because I was in need of cash for the university fees.

I try to list all of them including their names:
Dollzone Fenyo (Alice)
Dollzone Yue (Yue)
Dollzone Mini BB Angel Luna (Luna)
Dollzone Feilian (Sookie)
Dream of Doll Tender Bee-A (don't remember her name)
Doll in Mind Galahad/AoD hybrid (Helios)
Resinsoul Long (Aurele)
Luts Delf Moon (Seth) *re-homed*
Luts Delf El head (Nao) *want to re-home*
Souldoll Morse (Jaejoong)
Limwha Human (Eun-Ah)
Souldoll MSD (don't remember his sculpt + name)
Resinsoul Yan (don't remember her name)
B&G MSD (don't remember his sculpt + name)
Fairyland MNF Seorin (In-Ga)
Fairyland MNF Lishe (Inori) *re-homed as Delf*
Fairyland MNF Woosoo girl head (Pika)
Dollshe Saint (OE + SA) head (Byung-Hun)
Soom MD Coquina human (Inori)
FantasyDoll Rafe (don't remember his name)
Napidoll Lucifer/Volks hybrid (Makoto)
Napidoll Aesh head (don't remember his name)
Asleep Eidolon Eric (Rukawa)
Luts JDF Terra (Rin)
Dragondoll Zilong (Lars)
Domuya D1-Flexi Perennial Faith (xmas 2008) head (Pudding)
 April Story Summer head (Shouhei)

Do you write stories and character profiles for your dolls?
I started creating stories and character profiles of my dolls back in May 2013.
So I am totally new to the whole story writing thing.

How do you decide on their names?

Where do you buy their clothes, wigs, eyes etc.? Or do you make them yourself?

How much did you pay for your dolls?

Where do you get all the money for your dolls? Are you rich?

Which camera do you use?

Do you have a YouTube channel, DeviantArt account, instagram, tumblr, flickr and/or ipernity?

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