Luna Lovin (luna_lovin) wrote,
Luna Lovin

✖ Dean-Judas Sandfire ✖

facts about the doll
company: Soom
sculpt: Dia
date of arrival: July 10'th, 2013
face-up: by LoonyDoll Aesthetics (Luna Lovin)
mods & tattoos: by LoonyDoll Aesthetics (Luna Lovin)
skin tone: normal
eyes: blue acrylic eyes by Glib
wig: light brown fur wig (unknown company)
height of doll: 65cm

facts about Dean
nick: Crysis, Judas
date of birth: July 10'th
age: 28y
zodiac sign: Cancer

occupation: DJ (known as DJ Crysis)
education: studied medical science (stopped after 3 sem.)
lifetime dream: earning his living with just his DJ job [✔ came true]

family: father, mother, younger half-brother Jamie, younger half-sister Lilia
friends: best friend is Sawyer, lover is Joshua
relationship: single
orientation: bi

hobbies: clubbing, music (electro house), strength training
likes: night life, dark places, noisy music, gym
dislikes: being in a relationship, silence, sweet food
favorite food: steak
favorite drink: vodka
vice: smoking (tabacco and weed), drinking (alcohol)
Tags: dean

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