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Character Guide




I write my own story about my own dolls
and I also have a story, which is a collaboration with my friend Darkling and her dolls.
This is a guide of my dolls and characters only.

You can see details by clicking on their names (*still under construction*).

"The Clubbers"

Dean-Judas Sandfire (Soom Dia boy)
Kai Sawyer (Ringdoll Sol)
Joshua Evans (Migidoll Ryu/B&G)
Lilia Aoki
(Musedoll Ciel)
Sofian Eden-Kashida (Little Rebel Seven/Spiritdoll)
Tomo Ikeda (Angel of Dream Ruo Feng)
John Patel (Luts Delf Moon)
Rosario Patel (Luts Delf Lishe boy)
Dr. Mads Jensen (Granado Andrew) *WIP*

*new group pic will be up asap*


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